• Mountain 2Since 1976 Kamloops Communications has developed a stable, experienced workforce of certified technologists who are on call to provide comprehensive support for our products and systems.

    Due to the importance of reliable communications in our region's difficult terrain and weather, all of our technical staff has extensive experience traveling to remote locations in virtually any type of weather condition. To achieve this, Kamloops Communications utilizes a service fleet of 4X4 trucks, service vans, and snowmobiles. We also use helicopters on a regular basis.

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    Our technologists are factory trained to service Motorola, Kenwood, Sepura and Midland radio equipment as well as Daniels Electronics mountaintop repeater systems and Zetron dispatch console systems. In 2000, we were selected to construct and implement the Emergency 9-1-1 Fire Dispatch System that serves the entire Thompson-Nicola Regional District, which continues to be maintained by us.

    Our commitment to professionalism is demonstrated by the continual upgrading of our skills on traditional and newly emerging technologies in voice as well as data communication products.

    Kamloops Communications has provided design and consulting services to industrial and public sector clients on all aspects of their communications requirements.

  • Kamloops Communications also provides professional installation of two-way radios, vehicle emergency lighting, satellite phones, cellular phone boosters, inverters and other vehicle related electronics.

  • We also provide repair and programming of most two-way radio makes on the market.

  • We are a Motorola, Kenwood, Sepura, Midland and Vertex authorized warranty repair depot.

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"When you want to communicate ... talk to us."

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